Mango Icecream

Babushka Probiotic Frozen Kefir Yogurt – Mango

A refreshing actively good dessert in Mango flavour. Sweet, velvety smooth and full of real mangoes, Babushka's frozen mango yoghurt is inspired by one of India's favourite icons.


Kefir yoghurt(Full cream milk, Inulin, Whey protein, Natural cream flavour extract, Vitamin C, Kefir cultures) milk, Mango puree, Sugar, Cream, Natural mango flavour, Pectin, Stabilizers (Xantham, Locust bean & Guar gums), Salt.


Frozen Mango kefir yoghurt is available in 150g and 500g packaging considering individual and family serving respectively. Family pack is aimed at four servings of 125g each.

Serving size125g150g
Energy653kj 784kj
Protein 3.6g 4.3g
Fat – Total 4.1g 4.9g
Saturated 2.6g 3.1g
Carbohydrates 25.2g 30.3g
Sugars 24.7g 29.7g
Sodium 67mg80mg

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IceCream flavour



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