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Babushka's Probiotic Kefir Yoghurt – To Your Health!

Kefir has been traditionally enjoyed chilled, easy to pour over your cereal breakfast.

A cup of Babushkas contains 50 billion CFUs when bottled. When stored at the correct temperature conditions these numbers are maintained for the duration of the product's shelf life.
The suggested dosage after an antibiotic treatment or simply needing a boost is one to two cups a day.
Similarly, a cupful is suggested for the occasional user, or when enjoying Kefir with your cereal for breakfast.

A quarter cup (62ml) daily, containing 12 billion CFUs, should be part of your long term digestive maintenance plan and as tonic for your immune system. In time, you will become aware that you will not catch the first cold, that you will be more regular, have less digestive discomfort and enjoy more energy and vitality. The longer term health benefits will be the bonus.


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