Babushka’s Probiotic Yoghurt Smoothies – Taste the difference!

In the beginning…

Our fantastic range of Babushka's probiotic Yoghurt Smoothies, which are made locally in a traditional method by people who are passionate about healthy food.

Available in 4 mouth-watering flavours (Mango Lassi, Pina Colada, Berry Bliss & Banana and Honey), our smoothies are thick, smooth, refreshing, incredibly tasty and virtually fat-free. Like all Babushka's products, they are packed with probiotic yoghurt, and full of friendly bacteria that help you to maintain a healthy body and balanced digestive system. Fortified with whey protein and loaded with dietary fibre, they are filling and satisfying, without being crammed full of emply calories. In fact, all our smoothies are 99% fat-free, and with no added sugar, they are the perfect snack, and will keep you satisified (and away from the biscuit tin!) between meals.

You can indulge in Babushka's Yoghurt Smoothies at any time, at home on the breakfast table, in your child's lunch box, as a snack on the go, or at work. Try one today and taste the difference.

How do we do it?

At Babushka, we are committed to using only the finest natural ingredients in all our products and these fantastic smoothies are no different.

We start by taking 100% real fruit puree (we never use concentrates), and then blend it with our natural, live, probiotic yoghurt. The smoothies are then sweetened with the herb Stevia, along with Erythritol, a plant extract. In contrast to refined sugar, these natural sweeteners don't contain any calories, so you don't have to worry about your waistline whilst enjoying our smoothies. Babushka's Yoghurt Smoothies are caffeine free and we never use weird artificial colours, flavours or additives in any of our smoothies. This makes then great for children, and you won't have to worry about sending them hyperactive! It really is as simple as that. No added sugar, no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, and no processed fruit concentrates – that isn't the Babushka way.

Healthy food on the go

With today's on-the-go, fast-paced lifestyle, eating healthily can be a real challenge. Missing meals, a diet lacking in fresh fruit and vegetables, and snacking on fatty, sugary junk food have become the norm for many people.

Babushka's Yoghurt Smoothies are a great way of getting a healthy balance back, and improving your eating habits, even when you're pushed for time. Delicious and packed with vitamins and nutrients, they provide a low-fat, low sugar alternative to sugary convenience foods. Unlike most other smoothies, Babushka's are made with yoghurt as well as fruit, and fortified with dietary fibre and whey protein. This means that they are more satisfying and keep you fuller for longer.

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