Fermentation; leading to a functional food product:

Fermentation is a traditional method of preserving fresh foods that dates back far beyond canned food, freezers and preservatives. Lactic acid is a natural preservative that inhibits the putrefying bacteria. Lactose in our milk is converted into lactic acid by the many species of lactobacilli bacteria. The proliferation of lactobacilli in fermented milk enhances its digestibility and increases vitamin levels. Thus, keeping the original healthy qualities of milk and making it healthier through fermentation.

Here are some of the other benefits of fermenting naturally

  • Tart but refreshing taste.
  • Naturally preserves the product for a longer period of time, thus making it unnecessary to pasteurise again, which kills the probiotic effect.
  • Provides a home for the friendly lactobacilli before they enter your system. These make the fermented drink probiotic.
  • Lactic acid, the bi-product of fermentation, lowers your gut PH. This makes a better home for the probiotic cultures and makes it harder for pathogens to affect you.
  • Kills bad bacteria whilst creating an inhospitable environment for these pathogens.
  • Creates B vitamins that milk does not have before fermentation.

Lacto fermentation is an artisanal craft that does not lend itself to industrialization. Modern commercial production of fermented drinks and yoghurts does not allow time for natural fermentation. The result is, that in order to speed up the process some commercial producers reduce the PH artificially, not allowing the product to form its natural character and natural benefits.

We use food acid to enhance pectin performance. The fermentation of our kefir is natural, we do not speed-up the process.

Lactic Acid

The link below takes you to a new study on lactic acid that will surprise athletes.

Lactose intolerance

Our Kefir is lactose intolerant friendly. Our friendly bugs, as part of their routine, break down the “bulky” lactose into smaller, easier to digest particles. This process makes Kefir easier to digest, even for those who have lactose intolerance.

Functional foods

Functional foods are foods that support human health and well-being, providing health benefits beyond basic nutrition. (Nceff)

These are foods which due to fermentation (in our case) have been modified to contain additional nutrients, providing specific health benefits. E.g. we all know that fermented grapes make red wine which is far more beneficial to our health than fresh grapes. Similarly, fermented kefir adds more benefits than plain milk.