What is Kefir?

Kefir is a cultured, fermented milk drink that contains a broad range of beneficial bacteria and yeasts, which work together to support the growth of important beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract. It’s a much more potent source of probiotics than other fermented dairy products such as yoghurt, and is full of natural vitamins and minerals. Kefir is easily digested and well tolerated by people with lactose intolerance as it contains lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose.

Why Babushka’s Kefir?

  • Authentic high quality probiotics for good gut health and general wellbeing Locally produced in Australia for over 10 years using traditional fermentation processes
  • All natural, great tasting products which are free from gluten and added sugars
  • Free from nasties such as preservatives and colourants
  • Billions of live and active CFU cultures per cup, which provides a greater chance for good bacteria to survive and colonize in the intestinal tract and digestive system
  • Contains prebiotic fibre to increase the effectiveness of probiotics in the gut


The word Kefir is derived from the Turkish word “Keif” describing a state of
feeling good and it’s as true now as it was then.

Kefir originated in the Caucasus Mountains more than 2000 years ago and is
the oldest known fermented milk drink.

The secret of the Kefir grains, passed down from generation to generation,
was considered a source of family and tribal wealth. Traditionally, Kefir was
made by mixing Kefir grains with fresh, raw, cow or goat milk which was then
left in goatskin leather bags to ferment. It was customary to leave the bag
outside the door and let anyone entering, kick or shake the bag. This assisted
the culture process.

Innovation. Learning from the past

The average modern diet is full of processed foods and an increased
occurrence of digestive and gut issues. Seeing these issues on the rise,
Babushka set out to look for traditional preparations that could help. We
found Kefir, a cultured fermented milk drink that has a much stronger
probiotic profile than yoghurt. Probiotics, or “good bacteria,” are living
organisms that can help maintain regular bowel movements, treat certain
digestive conditions, and support the immune system. Traditionally, kefir has
a reputation for promoting longevity and as an immune booster.

We have enriched our kefir with ABC probiotics (Acidophilus, bifido and
casei) and prebiotic inulin fibre, developing a product that offers health
benefits beyond its basic nutritional value.